What All Point To Check While Purchasing SMS Package

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10 Things We All Hate About Bulk SMS

Delayed Messages – We have to send bulk SMS as a sender when it comes to work on quick occasion and expect users to act quickly in short time. But delivery of delayed message to some users doesn’t give the expected response.

  • SMS failure – It is probably the most hated thing you could see in online bulk SMS. Sometimes you couldn’t notice the delivery report and the message is bounced and you don’t get anything just because sending message was failed.
  • Less Success Rate – Sometimes delivery report shows that message is delivered successfully. The most irritating thing is that message is not received by the target user. Sometimes, number is wrong but message is not even delivered to right numbers.
  • Server conflict – The problem falls under the category when user is unable to do anything but end up being frustrated.
  • High charges – Only a few companies are there which are offering fair price without hidden charges. In this industry, everyone wants to gain profit and serve this purpose. They just impose hidden costs which may be high if it is calculated over a time period.
  • Ignored Message – Around 90% of the time, bulk SMS India is sent to gain more response. But people ignore the same and it makes all the failure.
  • Marked Spam – Because of increasing cases of fraudulent activities, a lot of users mark the number spam and number marked red is definitely not desired.
  • Not that versatile – You cannot insert audio-video clips and other multimedia in a text message. So, it has limited range.
  • Limited space for writing – Only 160 characters are allowed in each SMS and you have to cover the whole information which may lead to incomplete information.
  • You cannot send SMS to non-registered users – You can send bulk SMS Delhi to only those mobile numbers which are registered with some company.

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